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Welcome to Southern Illinois

2020 Fishing Better Than Ever

While the country struggled with the stress of a flu pandemic, COVID Coronavirus, and urban riots...we got in the boat and caught fish. While still practicing social distancing, there is no better way to relieve stress than catch a limit of crappie at Boneyard Fishing. 

Thank you to all the loyal Boneyard Fishing customers! Check out a few great catches...

Another average day at the Boneyard! The family that fishes together... Father & Son gettin it done. Double Trouble. Boys are back. Large group or small...we're gettin it done! Cleaning table full... That's a mess of fish. Happy anglers! Ever see 3 fish filleted in under 60 seconds? Slabs. Blue Sky. Big Crappie. More limits... Smackdown. Summer Slabs... Summer Slabs 2 Cold water. Hot bite. More blue sky crappie. All smiles! Deer camp fishing. Slayin' the slabs. Family style crappie smackdown. The man with the plan...


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