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Welcome to Southern Illinois

Summer Slabs - Crappie Update 2019

The summer crappie bite has been epic. We're putting clients on full limits and some big fish too. Fishing the bushes is a blast, but we've got plenty of open water honey holes too. Check out some of the slabs from summer, and some happy clients...

Summer Slabs - Crappie Update 2019 Fishing the bushes Boneyard clients with a mess of crappies! A serious mess of Southern Illinois Slab Crappie More happy Boneyard clients Summer slabs are awesome Limits of crappie are good Another great day on Rend Lake fishing Just another slab on Rend Lake in Southern Illinois! We love limits! One more crappie for the livewell. Nothin brings a smile like a limit of Rend Lake crappie!


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