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Welcome to Southern Illinois

Spring 2011

Spring 2011 was incredible, what a fantastic way to start the fishing season! We hauled in some lunker largemouth bass on a variety of baits. We also slayed the crappie, big time. Spring time is one of the best times of year to hook into gigantic Southern Illinois Largemouth bass. The water warms up early in some of our smaller lakes, so we usually are catching big bass before anyone else in the state.

Test Gallery Image 2 Don Dziedzina hoists a nice southern Illinois largemouth Giant largemouth are common at the Boneyard Boneyard Fishing Guides know where the big ones are biting Big Southern Illinois bass Southern Illinois Largemouth Bass Master Angler Jason Johns holds a dandy Boneyard Largemouth Bass We catch crappie that are bigger than most filet knives! A couple of happy Boneyard clients with a limit of nice crappie We've got channel cats and flatheads Stuffed. Livewell. On the rocks.


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